Miroland G19 & G80 Retro Filament Light Bulbs Review



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Interesting subject to choose for a review. I can’t say that I’ve even considered incandescent bulbs in years for most of our lighting. Unfortunately, we have four lights in the house that use odd bulbs, and the LED’s are very pricey for those.


Oh yes, very pretty, but not practical these days, Great for shops, museums and the like, but they are very greedy on power. An all LED house here. @around 40 Watts, that adds up to 8 X 5 Watt LED lamps that are 50 Watt equivalent light output
As my lovely Mrs likes to leave all the lights on, well it makes one hell of a difference to the power bill. And the LEDs last soooo much longer.
An excellent well written review Seán… :smiley:


Great review.

Incandescent bulbs are the only bulbs I use. When they announced the phase out, I went from store to store to store buying up all the stock. I was able to get a stockpile of more than 3,000 bulbs (no exaggeration). The warehouse clubs and large home improvement stores were the best since they sold the large bulk boxes.