Mirc v5.8 released



I just posted the article Mirc v5.8 released.

Submitted by: CrazyPerfectGod
Source: http://www.mirc.com

Improvements and new features:
This version has far too many improvements, new features and functions to mention here in detail…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/796-Mirc-v5_8-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/796-Mirc-v5_8-released.html)

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Mirc is not dead so ;o)


Major new feature: Internal Beep?

Is this self-sarcasm?


Not that I want to advertise, but I stopped using Mirc long time ago! Nowadays I use Klient (http://www.klient.com). Even if Klient isn’t the best proram available, it’s cool. Personally, I like it!



that’s what i’m using…
beats mirc any day


naaah just gimme my excursion 2000 much better then all the other scripts… #excursion




Bimbeli Bum! Ruotsalaiset ovat Himbeli homoja!


jvh: Kivaa, et sé¤é¤kin puhut Suomea, mut é¤lé¤ silti hauku Ruotsalaisia…

(Finnish, replied to jvh, told hem not to call Sweeds gay as he did)


GVD kap eenz met die shit .

En jongens die opt IRC zitten ik kom terug… mijn woede is gekoeld. Werkte mijn internet maar .

And for the guy’s on the IRC, I’m coming back… soon as my internet connection is back .


Suomailaiset ovat homofoobeja! Eiké¶hé¤n?