Mirai CD-RW Reading Problems! :S

Hey Guys

Im not an expert at this stuff, and not quite sure exactly what i’m talking about, but here me out ok :slight_smile:


Ive bought a PC from Evesham in the last year or so, and have been burning and reading disks fine. But, last week i reformatted the hard drive and now my cd-rw drive doesn’t seem to read my cd-rw’s. My DVD drive can read the information off these cd-rw’s, but not my CD-RW drive. It can read audio, games and cd-r’s disks but just not CD-RW’s? :S

I have contacted Evesham about this, and they are no help at all. They told me that my CD-RW drive is a Mirai 40x12x48. And when I go to Device Manager, it tells me it is a GENERIC CRD-BP1700P. I have tried to search for drivers, but have had no luck.

Could someone please tell me where I can get these drivers from or what I need to do to get my CD-RW drive reading those CD-RW’s. I would very much appreciate it, Thanks