Mirai CD-RW Reading Problem!

Hey Guys

Im not an expert at this stuff, and not quite sure exactly what i’m talking about, but here me out ok :slight_smile:


Ive bought a PC from Evesham in the last year or so, and have been burning and reading disks fine. But, last week i reformatted the hard drive and now my cd-rw drive doesn’t seem to read my cd-rw’s. My DVD drive can read the information off these cd-rw’s, but not my CD-RW drive. It can read audio, games and cd-r’s disks but just not CD-RW’s? :S

I have contacted Evesham about this, and they are no help at all. They told me that my CD-RW drive is a Mirai 40x12x48. And when I go to Device Manager, it tells me it is a GENERIC CRD-BP1700P. I have tried to search for drivers, but have had no luck.

Could someone please tell me where I can get these drivers from or what I need to do to get my CD-RW drive reading those CD-RW’s. I would very much appreciate it, Thanks

did you check DMA settings? Report back to us what they are, checked or unchecked? Try driverguide.com for drivers, although most recent stuff id picked up, im surprised to hear your situation.

RW disc problems are often the result of a packet writing program.
what software is installed for burning?

I think rdgrimes is right about the packetwriting. Just make sure you reinstall the same burning software as you used before the format (when installing e.g. Nero, you have to choose to install their packet-writing program -InCD-, it won’t do this by default!) and it’ll probably work like a charm…

hey guys

I tried that InCD packet-writing software and installed it, but it still won’t read those cds.

I don’t understand what DMA is not quite sure what you mean or what to do :S sorry

Maybe this has something to do with it:

I went to Device Manager >> View >> Resources by Type to display 4 menus, one of which says Direct Access Memory (DMA) Wahey!, but when i opened up that menu, it didnt say anything about a CD-ROM. The only things in there are a Standard Floppy Disk controller, a printer port and a dma controller.

What software was used to create the CDRW discs?
Please list any and all burning software currently installed.

ive got just Nero on my system and that InCD. i used nero before aswell to burn these cds.

What version of windows are you running? If its win2k, XP, then also check the services, and disable IMAPI. Sometimes this causes strange intereferences. Also what brand name media are you using for cdrw’s? Did you change to diff media types?