Mirai 24/10/40 IDE problems with KT7a Raid Board



I just posted the article Mirai 24/10/40 IDE problems with KT7a Raid Board.

Recently we received the following message from one of our visitors (Sorry lost your name ). He reported that the Mirai 24/10/40 has problems if you build it in a system that contains the Abit KT7a…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2129-Mirai-24_10_40-IDE-problems-with-KT7a-Raid-Board.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2129-Mirai-24_10_40-IDE-problems-with-KT7a-Raid-Board.html)

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I would not be surprised if it was the VIA 4in1 drivers. They’ve been causing problems for a long time with ATAPI CD-RW drives.


This happens to SCSI cards as well. My friend had same problem - ABIT KT7A RAID prevented Tekram SCSI card to work and could not burn any CD, until a few weeks later when it was fixed by a BIOS update !! Annoying.


I had the Abit K7-100 Raid. It’s in the trash. The board basically sucks compatibility wise. Great for over clocking but I’d rather buy a faster CPU then take the chance of burning one out from heat problems. The K7 had so many Bios updates I couldn’t keep track any more. And every one of then didn’t fix my problems. I recommend the Asus board. You can over clock with it as well. :7


I mean the Abit KT7-100 Raid piece of crap.


Thats why I buy ASUS… Best motherboards!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. ASUS Rules!! Screw Abit. :4