Minor problem/feature request

First, let me say that I love CloneDVD! :bow: I’m using ver.

Now, my problem. When I choose the option “Write existing data,” CloneDVD will usually have the ISO I want to burn in the “ISO/UDF Image” box. Would it be possible to take the name of the ISO and place it in the “Volume label” box as well? The way the program currently works, that value seems to be the last DVD that I burned. It would be great if that updated itself automatically. If the image is at the location:
C:/Users/My_user_name/Desktop/MOVIE_NAME.iso, it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to take the value between the last “/” and “.iso” and place it in the “Volume label” field.

On a related note, when I’m burning from a DVD directly to a blank in one step, sometimes the “Volume label” field will just say “DVD_VIDEO.” What is the reason for that? I assume that the DVD itself is missing this information, so CloneDVD just puts in that default value. Still, it seems weird that a pressed DVD would lack that info. This only comes up maybe 5% of the time, so no big deal.

jumpyg, the only time I notice that happening was once when my Grand Daughter destroyed an original, and I backed-up the back-up copy I had. Other than that, I never noticed that happening.

All you have to do is highlight the name of the iso, right click and copy, then paste to the volume name box.

Yeah, I know how to do it manually. I just wondered if it could be done programatically.