Minolta Dimage 2300 Under XP



I have got a minolta dimage 2300, the problem is it doesn't work under windows xp (pro, dutch). Minolta has no drivers for this camera and windows xp or 2000.

If i install the drivers/prog for windows 98 the prog shows me red crosses instead of the thumbnails of the pictures.

I mailed minolta for a solution, but didn't get any answer.

Has anybody else has this problem, and maybe a solution.

I also heard a rumour that minolta isn't willing to make the drivers/prog for windows xp.

I have got the camera for about 6 months, doesn't minolta has to make these drivers ?


Originally posted by gex
doesn’t minolta has to make these drivers ?

If you mean if Minolta is obligated to develop these drivers by law, then the answer of course has to be no.

If it is demanded by Microsoft, the answer might be yes, but Minolta does not have to comply to the wish of Microsoft to develop drivers for WindowsXP (or 2000)

Minolta can do as she pleases, but it would be wise for them to develop drivers for WindowsXP, since that will be the OS with which many people will work in the future…thanks to the marketing power of Microsoft.

As with every new OS, it might take quite some time before all hardware is fully compatible, if they will ever (remember Voodoo cards…no more new drivers there, and there are many more examples like that unfortunately)