Mininova takes over where BitTorrent site Suprnova left off

I just posted the article Mininova takes over where BitTorrent site Suprnova left off.

 DamnedIfIknow used our  news submit to let us know that since the  original shutdown of Napster, the music and movie industry are effectively  playing a long game of Whac-A-Mole,      ...
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The thing is, Edonkey doesnt NEED websites, its entirely searchable from within itself. The problem with bittorrent it still requires users to visit webpages and download torrents, so if bittorrent websites are pulled, you’re screwed.
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What if someone started a BitTorrent in a country where it was illegal to have international affairs with its fellow countries (like the US Government). That way, other users may use it but if the US Government tried to shut it down, the Government would be in some serious trouble.

long live mininova, wish there werent fake releases of tv shows though, very annoying, you know which are real they if u know what your doing.

its just a matter of time until they close mininova too :c

The Good guys will always win… WE are the GOOD Guys:S

This is basically a war between the music and movie industry and the public…as long as there is enough demand for piracy, it will NEVER go away.

Pittsburgh, PA, UNITED STATES. Whats a dumb place for a server. It will be dead before the end of the year. Plus you to pay for it? Nice . . .

pay for it? WTF? i had no problem downloading off mininova for free…

Suprnova was replaced with a carbon copy…