Mininova faces legal action



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Mininova, widely known as one of the largest and most popular BitTorrent sites, is now facing legal action from the Dutch anti-piracy organisation BREIN. What makes this case special is…

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“BREIN has so far been successful in shutting down or forcing BitTorrent sites overseas, including one well known tracker Demonoid.” Of course, Demonoid is now back up and running again after a period of hiatus. If they take Mininova down, it’s only a matter of time before it resurfaces.


Yeah, torrent sites are like turds that don’t flush. Wow, about 8 news articles posted in a day and hardly anyone leaving comments. Either the news is sucking of late or everyone has deserted a sinking shit… er, ship. :slight_smile:


And YouTube’s business model is not based on copyright infringement?


I don’t believe for a second BREIN will succeed in taking Mininova down. Maybe they hope Mininova has no funds for decent legal defense and hope to win “on show of foce”. We should bring together the communities and kick BREIN around a little bit and the MPIAA for that matter too to finally for once stop the harrasments and have them work on the real problems… ridiculous prices and often low quality content and limitations… I stick to the fact that 90% of the things downloaded would never be purchased by the ones downloading if the downloads had not been available so who cares about a million downloads when games and movies hit 7.000.000 million peaces sold in their first week… (like GTA4) except them wanting to milk people for money like cows… Enjoy


Google and other webcrawlers index heaps of pirated and protected content yet these dolts can’t see the absurdity of what they’re doing. I’m all for the protection of content but not if the methods used are flawed and dubious. Torrents for example are metafiles - pointers to data and not actual content at all. How can the RIAA/MPAA and other thug organisations claim that torrents are violating copyright ?


i hope there will be some people who ll support mininova all the way thru this well if youtube and myspace can survive then i think mininova got a good pt in court…


Mininova will Live :r :d


Does that mean that BRIEN will have to take action against the managers of Google too? Considering the fact that Mininova does not contain a tracker and is simply a " Search Engine " just like google… Hey we may as well demand that every search engine filters its content to not provide links to illegal content… This would mean shutting down links to around 60% of the entire content of the Internet… Honestly do you think that will succeed… Similarily programs that use P2P will also need to filter thier results not to show illegal content … Phew :o The result is absolute - the more organisations like BRIEN attempt to close down these kind of activities the more people will become determined to escape the legal policies of this issue. It can be put metaphorically Give a kid sweets and he wants more sweets, stop giving that kid sweets and he will go steal them from a shop. That is human nature and they can never stop that… :S


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