Mininova Faces Legal Action: Filter or Else



No torrent site on earth is more popular than Mininova. Surprisingly, however, all the legal pressure seems to have been focused on sites such as The Pirate Bay. Mininova - against all the odds - appears to have stayed under the radar. All that changed today as Mininova is now facing legal action by Dutch anti-piracy agency, BREIN.




BREIN, only the Dutch could come up with that name :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they are from the Netherlands but the word is " Dutch" , you are correct.


Mininova isn’t even a tracker LOL, they have nothing on them.


[QUOTE=alan1476;2060829]I think they are from the Netherlands but the word is " Dutch" , you are correct.[/QUOTE]

Yes Alan, Dutch is from The Netherlands - but The Pennsylvania Dutch are German (from “Deutsch”, which is German in German) :wink:

I was just alluding to the fact that they’re calling themselves “brain”.



Why do we need to Bypass content filtering ?

As you might know mininova starts filtering copyrighted material, i dont upload protected content But i fear that such filters may also delete
files wich are not violating copyrights as example Creative Commons music wich has a 4 second part wich is similar to an protected title. Also many Companies demand licenses and copyright on files wich are definitely in the Public Domain and not Copyrighted anymore.
As Example i uploaded charlie Chaplin videos from 1917 on youtube but this videos got deledet because a Movie comapany claimed false
copyrights on these videos. Just have a look to the offical US Copyright law wich says that any work prior 1922 is not Copyrighted anymore.

So im writing this Text not to help you violating copyright but avoiding that legal content might be blocked by failure or Grief of some
Movie and Music companies. I just want to protect your legal content from being censored.

On the other side i can understand mininova since they do not want that users missuse their Content distribution service to share copyrighted stuff. Because this would be quite dangerous for mininova if illegal copyrighted content is hosted directly on their servers. So help mininova by not uploading any copyrighted stuff to their CD service !


It is very very easy to bypass such filters.
Just put your files in a encrypted .rar or .zip archive and choose an password, so The filtersoftware cannot acces the archive to look if the original file is is on the Banlist or not.

Then use Gimp or Photoshop to create an imagefile wich includes the password and save it in the same folder as the archive, use some filters and effects to make in unreadeable for machines.
Then create the Torrent from this folder. So Downloaders get the password and can
Open the file but the automated filters of film/music industry cannot open it and cannot see if the file is on their banlist or not.

Works like a Captcha i think you understand what i mean :wink:

I also think this way is also the Best for mininova because since mininova is doing everything
to remove copyrighted material even if they have no succes Curts will see no reason to forbid mininova
because it is not the fault of mininova that the content filter does not work for encrypted files.

As Example Rapidshare is allready using copyright filters but they cannot stop users from uploading these files
since all Rapidshare users use encryption. It think this method will also work quite well with torrents.
So dont worry and continue sharing your legal content, the net was build for freedom and it is impossible to take this freedom away.

I hope you and also the mininova staff understand my viewpoint, i dont want to help people sharing illegal content but prevent legal files from being censored like youtubes content recognition does.

Thanks for reading :wink: