Minimum track size

Although NeroLinux works perfectly most of the time occasionally I come across a track/s that seem to be too small to burn. When attempting to put them in the list to be burned I get the message “The track created from this file will have a size lower than the minimum track size for the selected medium. Do you want to have the track padded to minimum length?”
When I click no then the track size is 4.704 from original size of 2.687.156 and the track length is 00:00:00.
When I click yes then the track size is 696.192 and the track length is 00:00:03.
This is an Mp3 that is 00:02:47 long, and that I have no problem listening to on my computer.
I am running Ubuntu.
Any ideas?

Weird… Most of the time this error is coming of the fact that the external utility used to calculate the track size is missing. But in the case of an mp3, then it is handled internally.
Hummm stupid stuff, what is the character case of the .mp3 extension ? .MP3 ? .mp3 ? .Mp3 ? Maybe try to set it to .mp3…

No, all the filenames end with .mp3.
Thanks though…

What kind of MP3 file is it ? Can you provide the output of the following command:

file (your mp3 file)

Heres the outputfrom file:
Ma Rainey - Black Cat, Hoot Owl Blues.mp3: MP3 file with ID3 version 2.3.0 tag
Something occured to me. Could it be because of a strange filename?
The filename is Ma\ Rainey\ -\ Black\ Cat,\ Hoot\ Owl\ Blues.mp3
What I mean specifically is because of the space " " characters in the name that need a backslash “”…

Im still clueless… Any other ideas??

I’m experiencing the same behaviour with some mp3s that apparently seem alright to me.

This is the output of one of these mp3s:

file “03 Breakpoint.mp3”

03 Breakpoint.mp3: MP3 file with ID3 version 2.2.0 tag

I’m using mpg321 (a free evolution of mpg123 that uses the same command line) as mp3 decoder.

The problem is not coming from the decoder that is used. It seems to be the internal routine used by NeroLINUX to calculate the tracksize that does not like your file(s).
For me it is a little bit amazing, as we tested this on secertal different files, encoded in different ways (different encoders, CBR, VBR etc…)

Any clue what we can do about this???
Otherwise its a great app!

Is there a way we can deliver you the incriminated mp3s, or any further testing we can go through?

dunno if this will help, but in older nero versions, under the ‘miscellaneous’ tab within the Compilation info - there’s the choices “cache files smaller than”
perhaps play with the size in KB;

No sorry, we’re talking about NeroLINUX… :confused:
Anyway caching won’t work for a 20Mb mp3 :bigsmile: