Minimum temperature for storing DVD discs?


Today I received a cake100 of Verbatims 16x DVD+R which I ordered online. When I got it I immediately noticed that the cake was rather cold and when I opened it up and looked at the back of the discs the discs were all covered with steam (the sort you get on car windows :wink: )… Obviously after the disc temperature adjusted to the room temperature, the steam was gone… All this got me thinking what is the lowest temperature that DVDs can be stored at ? Could it be damaging if the discs are stored for too long in temperatures that are within specs ?

I guess these questions would be best answered by someone who does have a bit of chemical knowledge, or maybe basic physics ;)… oh… and it’s winter-time over from where I’m posting this…

Verbatim knows more than I do.

(Taken off a 25 disc cakebox of Verbatim 16x DVD+R Photo Printable (43539).)

However I doubt that storing a disc at -5°C or 23°F will increase the health of it. Neither would storing a disc at 55°C or 131°F do this. I think the right temperature is somewhere in between these two extremes.

Remember, kids, don’t try at home what the pictures with the huge X on them show :bigsmile:

I second that. I once tried sticking a DVD in the freezer for about 36 hours with plextor q-scans before and after. The disc didn’t seem to notice that it had been frozen.

We’re not allowed to pour water to ‘wash’ the discs?

No,You are not allowed to pour water on CD or DVDs.
Because water always has mineral substances and these substances are not visible by the naked eye.
These substances lay down on the surface of your CD or DVD and will cause degradation of the quality of your CD or DVD.
So you should use distilled water or a kind of alcohol which is named “Ethanol”.
This is what is used in most of cleaning spray cans.
You can simply use Ethanol for cleaning anything related to computers,even electronic boards or lenses of your CD or DVD writer.

Be Careful,just you can’t use it for cleaning LCD Monitors or you will destroy its screen.
For LCD Monitors you should buy special spray cans which are harmless to them.
You should be able to buy Ethanol from drugstores.
Pay Attention,I recommend you use Ethanol NOT METHANOL.
Methanol is another kind of alcohol which is a poisonous type of alcohol that can be used as a fuel.

I hope this info is useful for you.

Isopronanol (isopropylic alcohol) is appropriate as well :wink:

Agreed. :iagree:

I’ve used Isopropyl Alcohol successfully several times to recover faulty lenses and unreadable discs. :bigsmile: