Minimum Spec PC for DVD Writing

Hi all, I have just taken delivery of an Emprex DRW1008 which as I know is a clone of the BTC. My PC is a very low spec and before I install the DVD writer I was wondering if anyone else here is or has any experience of running such a writer on a such a system.

My PC has a Celeron 400 processor, 512MB SD Ram and enough HD space. I’m unsure of the exact motherboard but I do know that it supports UDMA 66/100.

On the writer box it recommends a minimum spec of PIII 800Mhz. To add, I do realise the more Mhz you have the more stability is offered etc.

Thanks to anyone who replies.:slight_smile:

if you already have the burner, you might as well install it, along with dvd burning software, and try running a simulated burn to see if you experience buffer underruns.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

You will probably be able to get away with 1X and 2X burning, particularly if you have some sort of buffer underrun protection… the problem is finding media these days that will let you burn at the slower speeds.