Minimum sheep burner for PS2 games?

Do I just need RAW+96 to copy PS2 games? Or do I need a one or two “sheepified” burner?

Yes, I an appropriate MAGIC3 mod chip in my PS2. I just wanted to know if I need a special burner too.



I have no help for you on this subject. We bought the kids a PS2 for tomorrow and I am scared to death to release the CDs to them :eek:

I’ve started to read here and there on how to make backups and found you need to know the model number before I buy a modchip.

So any info or if someone could steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate your help.

I’ve read this page and this one and I need to reread and read some more.:confused:

The only mod chip you need is the MAGIC3. Best one around hands down.

Get it here:

However, you’re on your own to get it soldered correctly.


For ps2 games that are on cd that have libcrypt protection you need a writer that can read and write raw dao96. Number of sheep is irrelevant. If not libcrypt protected, then just about any old writer will do but in either case read and write, especially write, at low speeds.

If the ps2 game is on dvd, then obviously you will need a dvd writer.

Thanks! That’s what I needed to know. Merry Christmas.