Minimum requirements for burning

My friend has an old Pentium MMX 200MHz system with 64MB of RAM :bow: (running win98se)

Is it safe for him to buy new burner, say smth like LineON 32x10x40. :confused:

I’m worried about minimum requirements for these new burners.

Some time ago, a friend of mine wanted a CDRW drive in his old Dell computer. The specs: P1 200MMX, 64MB PC66, 256KB extra cache (on the motherboard) and running W98se.

On my advice, he bought a LiteOn 16x drive. He can burn (from the harddrive) at 16x, but is consumes his CPU for about 95%.

Your friend could buy a 32x burner and try to use the highest speed possible (I guess that’ll be around 12x/16x). It’s always possible to burn at lower speeds…
My advice: buy the cheapest (read: slowest) IDE CDRW drive that is in stores right now. I guess it to be around 24x.

ps I know with buffer underrun protections, it’s possible to burn at 48x on a 486 or something, but since the buffer underrun protection is not that good for the quality of the produced CDR, you better burn a little slower!

or get a burner with burnproof or justlink. The only problem will be, that the harddisk can’t deliver the files quick enuff to write at eg 32x and it will drop down to a lower speed without failing the cd

I have a Plextor 12 Speed IDE and a Liteon 40 (overclocked to 48) IDE connected to a Pentium 1 266 MHz (overclocked bus to 75Mhz) AsusTek motherboard. It’s doesn’t get to 40 or 48 speed , on the fly its max is about 32 speed (max reading of plextor). But it works flawlessly.

Your board doesn’t support UDMA i think, but MW-DMA should work fine. If DMA is properly working and enabled, you should be able to burn at 32x

Thank you all for responding.

You helped me a lot.

This is great community!

yep buy the cdburner and some ram too