Minimum Req

Hello guys i’m noob and i just wanna know if there is a minimum requirment for CD burner
coz i want to buy liteon 52x and i want to used it on PII 266 with 64 ram

i wont use it on high speed but is it gonna work on low speed even…? like 12 or 16 x?

allright…I’ll bite…cd-r is doable this config so long as other things good…what you planning to do…rip cds? burn back-ups or custom mixes…would reccomend you upgrade to more ram though…:slight_smile:

Granted…alot we don’t know about your system…but just for audio ripping or burning drive data…it could work.

Still have a pentium233 with Mitsumi 1x…128meg ram…runs like a champ…just slow as hell to me…:slight_smile:

I just want to burn some document and picture nothing more

Then your fine Sheriff…if all you want to do is that…on cd-r…you should be fine…:slight_smile:

my mitsumi 1x on a pentium 233 did that and more on 64 meg ram under 98se…:slight_smile:

You may run into cable probs…ide…80 pin new drive vs 40 pin…but honestly…your machine can do what you say you want to do…

Thanx alot

ok there is one more thing
what software to use on machine like this coz more of new writing software needs alot of resources …?

Thanx in Advance

Well, in your situation, I would see if I could find an “older” copy of Roxio 5 or older…I’d also try out burnatonce on that rig…see if it works. Older versions of legal software be found online for dirt cheap prices as close out deals. These basically are distributer stuck with old cd’s that they’d rather sell for 5-10 bucks as opposed to eating the loss…:slight_smile:

the new software in pay for play arena…far as I know look for 500mhz+ but some of the freeware may play fine on that 266.

As a side note…download demos of commercial programs like alcohol120 and nero xpress…AnyDVD and others. Try them out, you’d be surprized how many of them work for what you want to do…even though they state minimum requirements way beyond your box…:slight_smile:

Ideally, on your box…for what you want to do just cd-r older roxio if you can find it…or even adaptecs version, before it was sold off to Roxio…will do, on your box…what you want…:slight_smile:

I suspect burnatonce will also work just fine as well…