Minimum Nero Install

Is there anyway to simply install Nero or Nero Express - without all the extras like NeroBackitup, showtime, Photsnap ? All I need is a basic prgram to backup and verify data.

I found that if you go into program files and delete the ones you don’t want after install, it doesn’t seem to affect other parts of the program. The deleted programs don’t show up in startsmart either.

Thanks - at 163 meg - 288 files - I think it is a little over weight. will start deleting and see what happens

Just leave the ones in common files alone. Don’t know if it would work if you delete any of those. please post back and tell me if it worked for you.

Hi :slight_smile:
In the past I’ve done just that.
Using explorer open the relevant folders ie: double click drive with Nero - transfer Nero folder to hard drive - double click folder Nero - remove any unwanted files - then install from hard drive.

Have just removed all folders except Coverdesigner, Nero and Nero StartSmart.
59 meg - 120 files

Then rebooted and ran Crap Cleaner ( removed 463 reg refs) JV16 2005 ( removed another 67 reg refs) and finally Reg Vac (found 12 more)

Nero Startsmart now only shows Nero, Nero Express, and Cover Design.

Burned some data to a CD – no problems as yet that I could see.

So Nero has gone on a rapid Atkins diet and looks all the better for it.

It seems to work faster for me when I delete the stuff I don’t use. Opens a lot quicker.

I download the 30+ meg Package 1:

and install only it. At least that way I avoid most of the extra fluff that I do not need.