Minimum CPU For Playback?

I posted this question at Dvdrhelp but got no replys.

Using a lowely 1.1Ghz AMD cpu and 512 Megs, I cannot get smooth playback of RatDVD files. They play for a couple of secs, then freeze, then play.

I know the faster CPU the better, but does anyone know what is the minimum CPU that can sucessfully play these files? 1.5Ghz? 2Ghz?

I got a P4 @ 2GHz, 768 MB DDR Ram, GeFORCE 6600 GT. Playback is perfect when there are no other big Applications operating.

1.1 GHz should be enough in my opinion although I don’t know… Is it an Athlon or a Semphron? Maybe it’s about your Grafics Card too… What Grafics Card have you got!?

Athlon. ATI AIW 16Meg.

No problem playing back DVD’s ripped to my HD though.

It may really depend on your grafics card… 16 MB VRAM seems to be a bit too less to me! Is this thing Onboard? Maybe it would help if you increase the Aperature Size in your System BIOS…

If you mean is it integrated into my MB, no. It’s an AGP card.
I still think my CPU is too weak. I have yet to read a post by anyone who has successfully played back a Rat file with less than a 1.5Ghz CPU.

Hhm… when I think twice it must be your CPU that is too weak. On the ratDVD Homepage there are no minimum system specs :confused: … I have got another Computer in another town with an Athlon @ 900 MHz, 768MB SD RAM and a GeFORCE 3 with 64 MB… I would try it there but I don’t know if I get there before August the 31st. :rolleyes:

Playback of ratDVD on my machine stutters. XVID files play fine.

ratDVD uses a lot more processor power than XVID due to its higher compression ratio. Although different, it can probably be best compared to H.264 with all options enabled - both in speed and in quality.

One thing that slows down the playback is the scaling done by the CPU. With the ratDVD settings program you can turn this of and let it do the graphics card. Depending on your card, it may look better or worse.

There will be more things possible in speed optimization in the future…

" With the ratDVD settings program"

What is this???

Start -> Programs -> ratDVD …

You mean RatDVD options.

anyway, this weekend I did a test.
I replaced the 1.1Ghz CPU in my HT PC with the 2.1Ghz (AMD) from my main computer.
All playback problems with RatDVD files went away. So it’s definitly the CPU.

Still don’t know what the minimum CPU is, but I know 1.1Ghz is underpowered.