Minimum burn speed on CD-R with the S203B

I’ve been searching for a replacement of my old Plextor PX712A for a long time. Some days ago I read the review for the Samsung S203B and decided to buy it. Now it’s built in and works fine but still there is one question I got.

When I burn audio cd’s, I usually use a very slow speed (4x at my Plextor) to guarantee the best possible result. When I started using my Samsung I noticed that the lowest speed I could use for burning a cd-r was 16x.

I use Nero 6 so far and I wonder if anyone has an idea, how I can get lower burning speed. Do I have to upgrade Nero or are there any options I can change to get the ability to burn on lower speeds than 16x.


16x should be just fine for audio - it’s what I use on all my drives, along with a software called Burrrn.

No playback problems at all in a fair few players. :slight_smile:

This doesn’t answer your question, but I thought I’d let you know anyway. :wink:

You will have to find the sweet spot with the speeds you are limited to.

From what I’ve seen with my 203B and 182D 48x gives an excellent result(far better then most other drives at any speed), possibly better than any other speed. I’d stick to 48x unless you have playback issues. My low speed burns weren’t too shabby either though.

I’ve done a few burns now and always used 16x. It’s quite okay with this, quality seems to be perfect and the time I use for burning a cd is okay also. So there’s no need to go faster.

I was just wondering, since my Plextor started at 4x, which I used most of the time.


My SH-S202 clone offers 8x for some TDK-branded Ricoh [Moser Baer India Made] 52x CD-Rs. This is the lowest I’ve seen. Some other Sony discs had a minimum of 16x, IIRC.

If you really want a low burning speed then try the CD writing built into Windows XP. It will let Lite-On SOHR-5239V go all the way down to 1x (haven’t tried it with any other drive). With the same brand of disc in Nero the minimum speed is 12x. Can’t remember if you can write audio CDs with it though.

As has been already mentioned slower writing does not always equal better quality. On a Samsung SH-S20xx 16x should be CLV and the writing quality & jitter should be excellent (subject to using a decent blank disc of course).