Minidvd incompatibility to most standalones



as said here
i’m guessing it’s all about bitrate.

anybody here has an answer that’ll be less of a guess?


What, you don’t like Baldrick’s answer? You won’t like this either. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe bitrate, maybe recognition problem, maybe both. We must remember designers of various standalones have their own ideas. You’re actually outside the specs anyway with mini-DVD. So it varies by player.

For instance: Putting SVCD on a DVD is NOT compliant. The various manufacturers put absolutely NO time or effort into ensuring playability. Guess what? DVD-SVCD does work on some players, even without header tricks. Similarly with mini-DVD. If it plays, it’s a bonus. :wink:


that’s still a guess.

(i can’t insert smilies, but anyway, imagine one big smiley here.)