miniDVD for a newbie

hey friends…
i’m really new to this,
i got some .avi files, how can i make a mini DVDs from them i got nero6 with samsung dvd writer

pls help me so as i can fit the 700mb avi file into a single CD

seeking help in educating me and for creating the miniDVDs

thanx alot for the forum

Hi, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: You haven’t received a swifter reply because there are people contributing from so many different time zones here.
As to your problem… A mini DVD holds 1.4 Gbytes of data so your 700mb file should easily fit. Nero should be able to accomplish that without any real problem. If you wish to compress AVI files larger than 1.4 gb onto a mini DVD then you’ll have to wait for a more technically-able member to assist you. From my limited knowledge this might be possible if you convert the AVI files to Dvix…depending upon whether your stand-alone DVD player will play the Dvix format, of course.

Do you mean creating a miniDVD or cretate a DVD using a 8cm disc?

MiniDVD corresponds to a DVD (structure) created using a CD as physical support, and besides being around for a long time there are not many home drives that can read it (I’ve a Denver that does - do not recall the model - chinese make), but it will be ok if you use a PC drive and (for instance) Power DVD.

Maybe Nero6 can do it, my experience was based on editing software by Ulead.
Anyway, you have to edit the files and turn them to MPEG2 DVD compatible files, then create the DVD structure and burn to CD.
As you have a DVD writer you can create proper DVD, so maybe what you want is to use 8 cm discs, and for that you’ve got sroppy’s answer.