MiniDV Camcorder

I need some software for my computer for a MiniDV Camcorder to be able to transfer the MiniDV Camcorder tapes into DVD’s to play back on the television via a standard dvd player.

I have heard of Nero 6 but will this do the job?

Newbie to this and the MiniDV Camcorder did’nt come with any DVD making software.

Therefore I stuck ! any help would be apprieciated.

Kind Regards

I don’t have an answer for you, but you can find one at I’ve seen that question addressed there before, but didn’t pay alot of attention, as I don’t do mini-dv…

NeroVision will do the job. It comes with Nero. Even with the quality settings set to the highest settings the quality is not that good. I use Pinnacle. It works fine for me but have seen that other people are having problems. :confused:

If you need to edit your movies, and you have Windows XP. Windows Movie maker is one of the best things I like about Windows XP. Quick and easy!! This will let you edit your movie and create an uncompressed AVI.

If you wont be doing any editing, I recommend using a Freeware tool called WinDV (google for it). This will also gibve you an uncompressed AVI

The next step is to create DVD compliant video from it. Here there are several options which I can recommend:

  1. TMPEGEnc to create the files and Tsunami DVD author to author the DVD (create menus, tracks etc).
  2. Nero 7 - very easy to use.