Minidisc recorder & microphone

Hey now -
I’m looking to expand my HDVideography from art performance video to include some lame weddings this summer.
I’ll need a lapel mic for the groom and a minidisc recorder that outputs .wav’s for the editor.
What’s recommended in the value department?
Any good deals out there?

PS - I like the new HD section :bigsmile:

Looks like the Ipod is capable of using a lapel mic.

You’ll have to do the research though, I don’t care for the ipod. I don’t know what the recording duration is either.

If you want to go Minidisc there is really only one that will fit the bill… MZ-RH1. This supports full copying of music to a PC in all formats it can record in.

Personally, even though I own alot of minidisc kit, I would not go that route if you currently own no minidisc equipment. Sony have now officially killed it off and the software is not being devloped any further so you will be buying into a dead end product.

I’m on a tight budget…

any bargains and deals out there?