Minidisc 2 CD

Hey. Does n e 1 know of n e tools 2 extract Minidisc 2 the hard drive, so I can burn it? Perhaps through the Line in or something? Oh, yeah - and which hard wear will I need?

Hey Dood…

You can connect your minidisc-player by using the line-in of your soundcard. A simple cable stereo-jack to red&white will do. Record it to your hard-drive as *.wav with a program like cooledit 2000. After that you can use any burn-software to put it on CD.

This the analog-way. You can also do it with a soundcard that has an optical(digital)-in. An example of such a card is the SoundBlaster Platinum. The method stays the same except for the cable. You’ll need an optical wire.

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