Mini images - The Rules



Shamelessly stolen from philamber’s posts in This Thread

Safedisc mini-images

  1. Allowed - Instructions on how to make a mini-image of a cd that you own provided that it does not involve hex editing.
  2. Not allowed - Posts or links to mini-images (which will be regarded as warez) or instructions for making mini-images where hex editing is required or used as part of the process.

A safedisc mini-image is a partial image of the cd and includes a part of the program recorded on the cd (albeit a very small part). If used for legitimate back-up purposes (i.e. so that the game/app can be played/run by mounting the mini-image whilst the original is put away for safe-keeping), that’s ok.

However, if hex editing is required to make the mini-image, that involves a modification of part of the program without the copyright holder’s permission and that is, of course, illegal.

So far as posting or linking to actual mini-images of safedisc protected games is concerned, that is an absolute no-no. The mini-image contains part of the program and distributing it without the copyright holder’s permission is just as illegal as distributing the entire disc image. As such, posting or linking to a mini-image of a safedisc protected cd will be regarded as warez and treated accordingly (i.e. anyone who does so will be sin-binned at best but more likely banned).

Starforce mini-images

  1. Allowed - Instructions upon how to make and use starforce mini-images of cds that you own.
  2. Not allowed - Posts or links to mini-images and associated .mds files.

Note that whilst neither a starforce mini-image nor the accompanying .mds file contain any part of the program (since the program is wholly deleted from the image in making the mini-image), we will not host or allow links to these files.

Unlike the difficulties that many encounter with making a good .bwa of securom 4.8x/5.x protected cds, we do not envisage any particular problems for people who own an original starforce protected cd in making a working mini-image of that cd (assuming, that is, that they are willing to physically disconnect all their ide roms first).

Accordingly, we take the view that permitting the posting of or links to starforce mini-images and their accompanying .mds files would serve no practical purpose other than to promote software “piracy”.