Mini Image Ripper by CirKutz

seems this program is used to convert a 500mb+ SafeDisc image into a 23mb image that is compatibile with Daemon Tools and/or Alcohol’s Virtual drives…so far i have had no luck with the program…tested it on Max Payne and Battlefield Vietnam…

the program only supports .ccd images “CloneCd”

the author’s website does not work …so there is no way of communitcation

i used one .MIR of Sims2 created by Spitfire and it works…

i might be using different read settings unlike Spitfire

if anyone has suggestions and or comments feel free to post…maybe we can turn some heads over at leading software backup companies can get a hold of the author… it sure beats having 500mb+ images taking up harddrive space

here is the link to try out the program…

Dude! This is quite good, works for Civ3, ill have to test it some more but it looks quite good.

what are your specific CloneCd settings

I just use normal because its a low version of safedisc 2.

what options are used as stated here :

Read Retries ??
Error Correction ie found in Hardware Settings ??
Subchannel Data ie found in Hardware Settings ??
Regenerate Sectors ??

I find making you own mini-image is much better, and about 1/20 the size of MiR.

Ben :slight_smile:

how do you go about doing that?

that way with Alcohol seems impressive…but this program created by Cirkutz is genius…it just needs to be tweaked and debugged for errors for all SafeDisc 2 and 3 versions …also there needs to be support for other leading image formats…too…if anyone can help please feel free too!! someone find the author of MIR

i thought mini-image makers a taboo subject @ cd freaks ?

No just the posting of the images. Tho mods cud say diff :p. Also I was given a link to that very tool a while ago but never used it.


Its just like making a CD image of it, but making it smaller, its a good tool and theres no problem with it.

would like to see the program decompiled so then it can be fixed for more image formats and bugs…and iam having no success with image making…what version of CC are people using …cannot figure out how Spitfire made a working MIR of Sims2 and i cannot get Battlefield Vietnam nor Max Payne working…unless i use the original image of 650mb

Here and Here

anyone having success with the MIR program??? dont be shy now!!!

I had limited success with MiR, and the output files where large, so I will stick to the normal method of making mini-images.

word…holla back cdfreaks!!! there has to be someone out there with programming knowledge!!!

iam still testing…not playing too much of WoW

good luck getting cirkutz to do something - he used to be a mod @ (which is where i found out about this forum). he released the program in 2003.

iRegiSTred Here Only to Help on this problem Here :smiley: :smiley:
i dont know if anyone tried my way…
its simple u just change your image extension to .mds and then convert it
peace :slight_smile: