Mini Image.....From an image?

Hey guys
So I lost the cd for one of my games (Jedi Academy) I had fourtunatly backed it up (in mdf format, not reburned to a cd) and had put the mdf onto a seperate cd for when I might have needed it later (in case i lost it…like i have) now the mdf itself takes up about 750 mb and thats kinda big. I have read around and seen talk about mini images, which take up 4-5 mb and was wondering…can I make a mini image from an normal image?
I have Starwars: Jedi Academy
According to A-Ray Scanner it has SecuROM
I have made a successful image of the cd (using Alcohol 120%) and it works for both single and multiplayer modes.
Is there a way to make a mini image off of this image?

Thanx :slight_smile:

as i don’t like emulation, as as a consequence of this i don’t really use v-drives, i don’t know 100%, but i think as this title is protected by securom, there is no way of “mini-imaging” it, as it works for safedisc titles…

ok thanx
do you have any other ideas on ANY way i could minimize the filesize??


R!Co sed that there might br a way to make securom mini image, ask him.


Sry to be asking such a noob question but how would i contact him? (Member list seems do be disableD?)

Here is his profile. Also here is where he said about it.