Mini-image for COD2

I would like to make a mini-image of my Call of Duty CD.

I scanned it and came up with:

Safe Disc 4 isn’t supported by Alcohol 120. I have tried it with Safe Disc 2/3 and let a few errors go by and then cancel it, but that didn’t work for me.

Can you help me with this?

-Thanks in advance.

PS: Apparently the DVD is SafeDisc 4.6. The CD is 4.00.

there are like 100+ ppl viewing this section of the forum and no replies?

Hey Bud,
I had the exact same results with Alcohol 120%.
No dice, the CD begins to load, but is really slow, then dies.
I even tried reading at 4x and writing at 12X. (12X is the slowest my MSI writer would go)
SafeDisk used to work with Clone CD on older systems I’ve used in the past, then with newer CD writers, came all kinds of problems.
I suspect the older writers would work just fine, if you could just get your hands on them…
I’m looking for copy progs that work on Linux, perhaps I’ll have better luck there …
I’m trying the latest ver of Clone CD right now on a Dell D600, not sure if it will work …

use daemon tools its updated more regularly than alcohol and should run cod2 no problem. the latest version of curerom will help with any blacklisting issues as well.
all are available to download from cd media world in the cd/dvd utills section :iagree:

IMPOSSIBLE doing mini image from safedisc 4.60 !!!
made image with alcohol and mounting it with DT 4.0 or 4.3 (and perhaps using antiblacklisting logs … )

:iagree: There are also 5 “later” sectors checked (LINK et seq.) -> knowing these 5 sectors only a maxi-image would be possible, but due to RAW data this would still be ~100MB using Windows compression

I assume they’re protected by the same version

Found COD2 maxiimage on emule. Works with 1.2 patch.