Mini hdmi to hdmi GTS450 video problems?



I noticed lately just today I tried to hookup my GTS450 mini hdmi to sony Hdmi and got sounds but no video? I read in one place that Nvidia hdmi is flacky at best to connect? And was said to go from the latest back to 263.09 drivers from my current 280.26. So has anyone tried this and had sound but not video?


Here are some links I found where users have talked about the issues with video from the mini hdmi to hdmi connections. It would seems nvidia is having issues with the latest drivers using mini-hdmi connections and previous drivers worked fine or ATI GPU with hdmi worked fine. This to me doesn’t sound or look good to Nvidia to do such or have such problem connection hdmi devices. So looks like I will experiment with older driver 263.09 and 266.58 to see if the mini-hdmi connection will work again.
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