Mini Dvs, DVDs, no FireWire, SOS?



I’m an amateur movie maker. So don’t get mad at me.

My computer doesn’t have a Firewire port that goes with my camera. (JVC GR DA30.) My dad’s has one, but it’s attached, so we can’t take it out. My camera needs a 4 pin to FireWire IEEE 1394, and my computer needs a USB 2.0.

But I’m not done with the question yet.

I used to make videos with my dad’s computer, and now he says I can’t even save it to my own CDs instead of his computer. His one and only option for me is to look on Tiger Direct, not find anything, then scour the store, find nothing, and then get told, “That’s too bad. 'Cause I still won’t let you use mine.” And I’m stuck in his phase for a good six years.

I’m trying to put a video on YouTube. How can I turn my MiniDV tape into a DVD (which my dad does let me use) with the help of no computer what so ever.


What kind of computer do you have? Is it a desktop or laptop? Let us know the make and model, and which operating system you are using.

If you have a desktop computer, and a free pci slot, you can put in a firewire card to download your videos. They range in price from about $6 on up (plus shipping) from Here is an example:


My dad refuses to buy anything online unless it’s from Tiger Direct, and if it’s not there, eBay. But it’s a desktop from eMachines, windows, no clue about the model make.


Here is the selection at ugh Tiger Direct:

Look in your case and see if you have a free pci slot before ordering one.

Now have to go wash out my computer after going to Tiger Direct. Yuck.


Look in your case and see if you have a free pci slot before ordering one.



Definition: PCI is short for Peripheral Component Interconnect. The PCI slot is a local system bus standard that was introduced by the Intel Corporation, however, it is not exclusive to any form of processors and PCI slots are found in both Windows PCs and Macs. PCI slots allow numerous different types of expansion cards to be connected inside a computer to extend the computers functionality. Examples of PCI expansion cards are network cards, graphics cards and sound cards.

The white slots on the left are pci slots. This is what you would plug the firewire card into.


No offense, I’m really not trying to be a snob or call you geeky or anything.

But what with the technicalese? Sorry. I just couldn’t understand anything from that. I know a bus is yellow, and peripheral is out of the corner in your eye, but that’s about the end of my knowledge. Everything else I probably need a high school computer class. Our tech has keyboarding, and I think that’s it.


Can you see if the eMachines model number is printed anywhere on the computer case itself? With this info, we might be able to help you a bit better. :wink:


I will try one more time. In order to get a firewire port on your computer, so that you can import video into the computer, you will need to add a firewire card. These can be bought at the TigerDirect link I gave you earlier. (still shuddering)

These firewire cards connect to the computer motherboard. They are installed into a pci slot on the motherboard. The picture I gave you shows what a pci slot looks like on a typical motherboard layout.

The following link shows how to install a pci card into your computer’s motherboard.

As I said before, open your case, look at the motherboard and make sure you have one of these pci slots open (not occupied) so that you can install a firewire card into the machine. There is no sense buying a card if you do not have a free pci slot to put it in.


I am honestly sorry. There’s a multitude of reasons why I have no clue what that means.

*I haven’t had a computer class since two years ago, and it was just typing.
*I doubt 6th grade tech could be much better than fourth grade tech.
*My ADD is acting up. I focused about an hour on making a video, and that’s why it’s sloppy and choppy.


I don’t believe it can be explained any more thoroughly or simply than my last post, at least, not over the internet. The link I gave even shows the procedure step by step in pictures.

My only advice to you at this point is to get help from someone in your vicinity. If you know anyone with any expertise in computers, have them look at this thread. Then have them help you select a card and assist you on the installation of the card in your computer.

The other option is to take your computer to a computer repair shop and have them install such a firewire card for you.


See? If you hadn’t pointed out you left instructions, I wouldn’t’ve read them. Again, blame the Add.


I just realized something. I need the cable, not the actual computer part.
Either that, or a way to burn it directly to a DVD from a TV hooked up to a camera.


The camera should have come with a firewire cable. If you don’t have one, you can order one from TigerDirect when you get a card.

You do need a firewire card and cable in order to import your videos into your computer.


I have a USB cable. And they even have one on ebay. And my dad says since they don’t have it on TD, it does not exist and we must cntinue hunting for the legendary cable.