I am trying to copy a 80mm Mini-DVD to my computer in order to transfer it to a normal 120mm DVD. When I put the mini in, the computer doesn’t see it. I have tried it on both my laptop and desktop. When I play the DVD via the A/V jacks from camcorder to TV, it works fine.

Do I need a specific type of DVD reader in order to handle these? If so, which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

It would be worth checking to see if you have a DVD-ROM or DVD-RW in either of your computers. It’s possible that you have a CD-ROM or CD-RW, either of which will not recognise the DVDs (whether 80 or 120 cm).

They are both DVD R/RW Read/Write drives.

OK: are you supposed to finalise the disc before removing it from the camera for reading on computer? That’s normally the case.

I will look into that when I’m next there (It’s my sister-in-laws camera). Does a drive need to be “multi-read” in order to handle it? The drives on both laptop and desktop are about three to four years old.

Nope, just finalise the disc and it should be readable in any dvd player.