Mini DVD-R in 852S/PST3

Has anyone burned a mini DVD-R in an 852S/PST3? I have tried two media types, “MXL RG01” and “RITEKG0401”, Maxell and Memorex brands respectively. Both types get ejected just after the burning starts. Have tried burning with Sonic and Nero.

Drive is a Sony DW-R56A crossflashed to PST3. I also tried two types of Mini DVD-RW and both worked fine. Per DVDInfo, the drive was unable to detect the proper write speed for the RITEKG0401, but it displayed a 2x write descriptor and with a 4x strategy. “MXL RG01” was detected at 2x with a 2x descriptor and 1x strategy.

This drive writes full-size “MXL RG03” all day long without any trouble.

I sorted this one out myself. I switched from PST3 to PS01 firmware and can now burn these Mini DVD-Rs successfully.