Mini-DVD quality test; what is considered acceptable?



I’ve been having issues with a copy of Mario Kart i burned for my gamecube. Some times it will load fine, other times it gives me an error right away (before anyone asks, i already adjusted my pot to ~215ohms).
So i tested the disc and this is the result:

I didnt know what was normal so i tested a copy of LoZ:WW that works great (so far, i’ve not gotten far in the game).

As you can see, theres a huge difference in the quality. But is the LoZ copy good, or simply better than the Mario Kart copy? In other words, are they both varying levels of terrible, or is the LoZ copy actually good?

Both are burned on Ritek G04 discs at 2x on my Pioneer DVR-105.
I have a newish TSSTCorp drive, would it be better to burn at 4x on that, or 2x on the Pioneer (the tsst drive doesnt go down to 2x, only 4). I also have a Pioneer DVR-115D i think i pulled from a dead powermac.


Hey guys, thanks for the help!



How old are those burns?
RitekG0x DVDs usually degrade quickly.

The burns are not terrible, but the PIE levels are far from good (I don’t know how suitable your Samsung 22x burner is for scanning).

I would consider getting an alternative case for your gamecube to use full size DVDRs.
It’s hard (and most of the time expensive) to get good quality Mini DVDRs.

I ended up getting a Wii just to play my gamecube backups.
The gamecubes drive is the most horrible DVD drive I’ve ever seen, no matter what media used or what the laser power is adjusted to.


Samsung 22x burners enjoy a bad reputation for being crappy burners… And on top of that, Ritek G0x media is less than desirable.


The burns are about 2 months old at the most. I’ve almost finished Wind Waker and it has given me no problems, so i’m kinda jazzed about that.

I didnt burn with my samsung, i burned them with my pioneer as i said in the first post.

I’ll just use up my mini-dvds then take a hacksaw to my gamecube. I’m not spending $30+ on a new case :wink:


I finished Wind Waker with zero issues (minus a little hiccup during the credits, which made me lol), so i made a copy on my DVR-115D and while testing on my samsung drive i have an pie average of ~30, so i guess i’ll stick with that drive for now! :smiley: