Mini dvd help

ok so i have this mini dvd in my computer and sometimes i can read and sometimes i can’t. well right now i can and im tryin to put the video on my computer. i dont know how to. i tried to just move the files and it worked but then if i take the dvd out the file(.ifo) doesnt play. and im tryin to convert the ifo file but whenever i get a ifo converter program, and i try to open the file, it just doesn’t open. please help this is really frustrating and ive been tryin to figure this out for 3 weeks. theres also a .bup and .vro file and a .grow file idk what tht is though.

Is the mini a movie dvd or what kinda ?? What is your computer make and model and what kinda burner do you have? What is ifo converter program are you using? Your giving very little in the way of info to be of much help from us? What kinda mini dvd brand is that?

never mind i got it to work thanks anyway