Mini dv to dvd help!

just got a new toy for christmas, and am trying to convert my mini dv tape to dvd. i know what to do as far as converting the .avi file thanks to chickenmans tutorials that I have been using for about a year now (sorry to hear you’re leaving by the way, you’ve been a star). but i have absolutely no idea how the get the video transferred to my PC. the camcorder has a usb socket (which i have already tried but unless i’m doing something wrong it’s not working) and a mini dv socket (which i don’t have a lead for). do i need to get another lead, if so what kind? and do i need software aswell? i realise it’s probably a really stupid question, so apologies in advance :slight_smile:

thnaks for looking



I have never captured from a Camcorder(but I have captured from a VCR, DVD Player and Set-Top Box). So I guess it must be the same for this device. Obviously (I imagine) you don’t need a capture card because it is a dv file and can be transferred via the USB(Yes, no mini-DV cord/port needed). But what you need is capture software.(The reason is the capture/media editing software
will convert the DV file to a format which is recognisable by encoders/players as many DV file formats are propreitary. So I would recommend that you check the manufacturer’s website for the software which is compatible with your DV device. If it is a generic device and can be used with any software then read on:
The following are the ones I would highly recommend(in no specific order):

Ulead Media Studio
Pinnacle Studio 9
Adobe Premiere

Hope this helps.

ARE you sure that your camcorder supports transfering video with the usb cable? some cameras will only allow you to transfer pictures with usb and actuall video with firewire.

thanks for the replies. to answer your question, no, i’m not sure! i am clueless when it comes to camcorders, and not much better with computers, but i’m learning. panasonics website offers no help on this matter either, and i can find nothing in my instruction manual. the cd i got with the camcorder, along with the usb drivers, has a program called ‘DV studio 3’ which i assumed would be what i needed, but that is only to transfer still pictures. i’m just downloading a trial version of pinnacle studio 9 to see if that works. if not, let me ask another stupid question if you don’t mind… what is firewire?

thanks again


The ‘miniDV socket’ is probably just a 4 pin firewire port. This will be clarified in your manual. Here is a picture of a 4 pin firewire port and here’s a picture if a 6 pin port.

Anything that is called FireWire, i.Link, IEEE 1394 is all the same thing and is the interface typically used by DV video cameras to transfer video to the PC.

Most likely you just connect this to your PC and use any DV capture application to transfer the video into .avi files.

As to the USB port, the camera probably takes photos as well and you transfer the photos by USB.

Hello. You do need a firewire cable and card for your dv videos to your pc. The USB is for still pictures only. Usually the firewire cable is a 6 to 4 pin type. Make sure your pc has a firewire card installed also on it. I have a Panasonic mini dv camcorder and found these things out by doing a lot of searching! The program that I really love for creating my videos and capturing them is Pinnacle Studio 9. Worth every penny…you’ll love it too. Have fun with your camcorder, I sure do. It’s great to have once you get your software and hardware in order. Hope this helps ya some.

i have many years of DV tapes and my camcorder just broke. How can i now get them converted to DVD without buying another DV camcorder? Is there a device i can buy to convert them?