Mini DV tape to DVD

My Sony Camcorder is no longer recognized by any of my computers thru the firewire port. Is there a stand-alone device to burn Mini DV tapes to DVD’s.

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I´m not too sure what the background to your problem is, but I wonder if you should just try to re-install the software that came with your camera. I use a Sony mini-DV camera from time to time and haven´t had this problem
What software have you been using to to capture the DV output?

am using the Sony software but when I attach my camera, neither my laptop nor desktop recognize it. I’ve checked with Sony and they want it returned for repair (the last time it was over $300). I have many recorded mini DV tapes that I want to copy to DVD. the camera works fine but it won’t download. I’m trying to find a device that takes a mini DV tape and either attaches to my computer DVD burner or has a self contained burner without buying another camera.

What I´d try next…I think you need to establish where the problem is:
install the software on another computer (hopefully you have a buddy who will allow this). Try it out…if it works then you are probably looking at something screwed up in your registry, missing drivers or something like that. In this case, you should probably consider re-installing your entire system.

Looking for work-arounds could turn into a giant waste of time.

If the camera turns out to be forked, then you have no choice but to ditch it…from there on it´s easy (and expensive).

That´s my 10 cents worth…anyone else?

Try a different firewire cable from the camcorder to the computer.

[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2548126]Try a different firewire cable from the camcorder to the computer.[/QUOTE]

I was about to suggest the same thing but Jethro beat me to it LOL!!! :bigsmile:

Is this anything like what you are looking for it is an open box but maybe
you can find a new one somewhere. :iagree:
SONY VRD-MC6 DVDirect DVD Recorder