Mini dv camcorder



Hi, I wanted to know about recording speeds on a mini dv camcorder Cannon ZR65. I recorded mostly in LP(the economy speed). Now I want to transfer these mini dv cassette tapes to a dvd. I keep getting a message check cassete rec mode. Can you not burn to dvd when you record in that LP speed? Is there a solution around it. Please help


Does your computer (and camera) have a fire-wire port? Then WinDV should be able to transfer the tape to your PC.


Thanks for replying. I’m new at this so I don’t know what a fire wall/wire is. Can you explain or tell me how I can check. Also, I was trying to transfer it to the vcr/dvd standalone. Are you saying that that option is out or it would have to be done through the computer only. I do have a dvd player on my Windows Vista laptop.


‘Fire Wire’ is an input output port. Most DV cameras use that to transfer the digital video out. I don’t know which DVD recorder you’re trying to use but maybe there’s an online manual for it. A lot of computers do have Fire Wire ports, and if yours does using WinDV may allow you to get the video onto your PC, on which you can edit the video and author a DVD.