Mini Disc Music to Computer

How do I get my Music form my MiniDisc to my Computer?? What programs sould I use and were do I find them???


First you have to connect your MD to you PC. Hopefully your soundcard has a digital-in connection. You will need a digital optical cable or a digital coax cable depending in the type of output your MD has.

One of these probably came with your MD.
Otherwise you can use you line-in connection of your soundcard with the analog-out of your minidisc with an RCA to MINIJACK cable.

All hooked up?! Then you´ll need a good recording program (and a lot of disc space ofcourse). Personally I think Cool Edit PRO is best for the job. Use the SEARCH option of this forum on Cool Edit and and you´ll find some links where to get it.

Hope I´ve helped…

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