Mini Disc help desperately needed, please :)


I have a Sony MD MZ-N505, that I purchased a few years ago.

I want to transfer the music onto my PC.

I have a USB cable (from MD to PC). I have the Net MD Simple Burner, and the MG Jukebox installed (software that came with the MD). I tried to use those, but they didn’t work.

Please please please suggest something to me… how can I get the music on the PC as quickly as possible…?

Thanks so much, in advance, for your time!


Mystery woman :slight_smile:

You will need Sony software for your recorder. From what I see in specs they have proprietary format for the compression called ATRAC3, same like for their other “mp3” players, so to convert you need their software.

Or you could use your stereo RCA analog out jacks on the MD with a stereo RCA-to-RCA cable to a stereo input on your computer. You will need an adapter if your computer has a 1/8" stereo jack. Note that many of today’s laptops lack stereo inputs, but desktops usually have them. g1

The only way to transfer MD recordings digitally to a PC, in less than real-time, is to buy a Sony RH-1 and use the latest version of SonicStage. This combination of hardware and software allows the ‘uploading’ of tracks to your computer. However there is still a restriction in that recordings originally made with NetMD cannot ever be transferred.

Basically as long as the recordings were made through the optical or ‘line in’ socket, or made with SimpleBurner, then it should be OK, but if they were made through the USB connection then the above NetMD restriction applies.

As [B]gamma1[/B] suggests, the only universal way without buying an RH-1 is to re-record them from MD to PC via an analogue lead.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate the info!!!

The Sony MZ-RH1 is the only MD that allows uploading via USB. All other models only allow copying the other way via USB towards MD.
Not having an MZ-RH1, I mostly use an MD deck with digital S/PDIF output to a PC with S/PDIF card.