Mini CD-R problem

I have a 210 MB Mini CD-R which only reads at 10x on my GSA-H10N drive, however it reads at 32x on my LiteOn DVD-ROM.
The same disc was also read at 10x on my old LG combo drive, but I thought it was because it was such an old drive (32x10x40x).

Do LG drives hate minicds?

joseph5: Maybe they do have a riplock for those… You can try by using a speedpatched firmware.

AFAIK, there is no speed patched firmware which defeats CD-R riplocks. The existing speed patched firmware all deal with DVD riplocks. I don’t think anyone knew about CD-R riplocks on the drive so nobody bothered to come up with any way to deal with those.

Joseph5, what firmware version are you currently using?


Well, this is a stab in the dark and might not work at all, but I think it is worth a go : try using the JJ11 firmware for your drive from The reason being that JJ11 seems to lack certain types of riplock for reading certain types of DVDs. I don’t know if anyone has tried it with mini CD-Rs yet but who knows?

If it doesn’t seem to do anything, you can always switch back to JL11 (but again use the version on TDB’s page above as the standard LG firmware won’t work when switching firmware types from JJxx to JLxx.