MindHunters p.a.l region 2 "new " protection..?

using Anydvd with power d.v.d .Anydvd shows this D.V.D has Arcoss puppetlock protection . Any dvd says it has removed it and also 2 bad sectors, however the disk still won’t play any one else found this problem :confused:

My copy of Mindhunters was full of manufatcuring errors - I had sent the IFO’s off to Slysoft and they said all the referenced bad sectors were removed. I found I had terrible trouble getting TS_01_03.VOB to rip. I ended up using AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter with loads of read retries (set at 30 I think) - I also slowed my drive right down with AnyDVD. It took ages, but in the end it did rip. I keep forgetting to take the film back and get it exchanged - but it is probably a bad manufactured batch, so I am likely to get a crap one back.

Oh and this was R2 PAL UK/Ireland


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hi thanks for the info
yes this was the same one R2 P.A.L U.K IRELAND (i am guessing) it has the red U.K and blue Ireland "15 certificate " markings on it and the disk i had was an orange/gold colour,i could not get it to read on any of the software i have . Have Sly soft published anydvd new updates to get around this “puppet lock”…( unless the whole of the U.K’s R2 P.A.L stock of this d.v.d has errors…?)