Mindawn Offers DRM-Free Music Downloads



Mindawn is a new online music download service that differs from Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store and other services in a few ways: It’s not only compatible with Macs and PCs but with Linux (news - web sites) computers too, its music is available in a lossless format, and there are no Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. Mindawn launched in September and is picking up steam, according to its founder.

Mindawn – with a specialty in progressive rock, or prog-rock – is not the first online independent music download service to offer multi-platform support and music without DRM. But unlike its competitors, Mindawn supports Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC, an open-source encoding scheme which reduces the size of audio files to about 50 percent of their CD size without reducing the quality of the audio. Also, Mindawn features full song previews instead of short clips.

Mindawn makes its catalog available through a Web site, and also uses a small client application that runs on Mac OS X (news - web sites), Windows and Linux to enable users to listen to full-length song demos and to purchase and download music. The Mac version of that application hadn’t been made available as MacCentral posted this article, but is expected in the next couple of days.

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