Mind-reading babies



Are there good books or online materials on how to mind-read babies?


Usually when a baby cries it either means :

  • Hungry !
  • I shit my diaper !
  • Mommy !
  • Daddy !
  • Ouch !
  • Sleepy !
  • I need attention , or i will cry for the whole night and annoy the living hell out of you !


Hm. I read something like that more than 10 years ago, but Yoojin actually cries only when she really feels great pain or wants milk. So over 99% times, it’s solved by feeding her.

But she’s started speaking her special language some days ago none of which I can understand. :slight_smile:


Aaaah talking now! That must be so cute! Maybe Hemi has some good ideas about it. When it comes to medical stuff he always seems never to far away to post a good solution :wink:


Ask and ye shall recieve!

The WhyCry baby monitor



A speaking, that’s fun.

I have to cousins, one of 2,5 years old and one of 3,5 years old.

They speak correct now (although not many words) but when they had that fase, I couldn’t stop talking back in that funny language, that babies have.

It’s so damn funny to see and hear.

Namoh calls his sister to visit his cousins again.


You should ask her to write you a dictionary :slight_smile:
Speaking of talking (ha!), when I learned how to talk I didnt get the “R”-part. It took me a long time and several visits to a speech therapist until I got the hang of it. I said “L” instead. But who needs R’s anyway? I mean when you’re really small you only need to babble and amazed parents will eventually guess what you want (that would be you right now Kenny ;)) and later in life you can accomplish most things by talking funny and pointing at stuff (example: aj vannt dat toj)

Note to self: example must be dutch


You’le absolutely light Ailhead! :stuck_out_tongue:


Het Nederlands is een grappige taal.


You were like a Chinese (wo)man who’s talking Dutch… lijst met sambal bij? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Should I change your status to Modelator, Airie? :wink:


Haha that would lock! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes and make me an Administlatol :smiley:


Hm. That’s an interesting device.

How to ease crying

In order to calm a crying baby down, it is essential to know the reason for his crying.
These reasons can be divided into five categories:

Aware of the importance parents give to this matter and knowing their concern towards the well-being of their children, we have created an electronic device that analices baby’s crying and SHOWS THE REASON FOR IT!
WhyCry® shows and makes parents and tutors aware of the fact that there are many different reasons for the little one’s crying.
What does it analyze?

The crying power
Correlation with a stablished pattern
Crying intervals

How does it show the result?

After a period of analysis
In a clear and precise way
Easy to understand

Crying patterns

Who is it aimed at?

First-time parents
Child-minders of children under 1 year
Neonatal units in hospitals

Unique characteristics
No similar device available
Reduces all crying parameters to five categories
Prepared for the international market
Tested and verified


Yoojin now smiles a lot, not looking as serious as before. :slight_smile:

She used to look even solemn!