Min realistic requirements question

my parents old computer may be hitting the basement soon but I wanted to look into it as a dedicated folding box before they chuck it in storage.

I know there are system requirements recommended by the folding project, but realistically, in your experience what are the minimum requirements needed to finish work orders on time?

this computer is rather beastly so it’s sort of a draw for me between trying to cure cancer and trying to prevent global warming :stuck_out_tongue: jk

I’m looking at a P3 500mhz processor 384 MB RAM 10GB hard drive . currently running windows 98, but I’d put linux on it probably xubuntu unless anyone has any other recommendations for a lightweight OS that’s capable of folding.

do you think that would be realistic? I wouldn’t use the box for anything else really so it would be dedicated solely to churning out work orders.

I’m sure it would be fine, every little helps.

From the F@H FAQ: http://folding.stanford.edu/faq.html#project.requirements


IIRC a P2 300mhz is the slowest CPU that can complete WUs on time when run 24/7, so you should be good to go with a 500 :slight_smile:

welcome to the team BTW :cool:


I actually haven’t started up yet. even though I’ve heard some not so great things about the windows client I’m going to get it up on this computer until I can get a hold of my parents box and set that up.

maybe tonight or tomorrow i’ll give it a shot

one more quick question:

the folding FAQ says to choose work units with no deadline. I just dled the windows client and it downloaded a work unit and started automatically. how does one go about selecting work units?

EDIT: nevermind…i need to learn to check the configuration menus before posting!