'Millions to buy Blu-ray within 6 months'

I just posted the article ‘Millions to buy Blu-ray within 6 months’.

According to an NPD Group consumer research survey, they predict there to be significantly more Blu-ray player sales this year following the end of the format war. Going by NPD,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14404-Millions-to-buy-Blu-ray-within-6-months.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14404-Millions-to-buy-Blu-ray-within-6-months.html)

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I will most likely wait till after Christmas or at Christmas myself.

what jackass NDP Group smoking blueray was forced on us by Sony WB and Disney so they can rip us off by making us buy the same movie again ,blue ray did not win
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People still have to buy expensive tv’s to even need a bluray player. I have an HDTV and I do think that hd dvd/blu ray (didn’t care which) was substantially better than dvd. That being said, I thought the majority of people didn’t have hdtv’s, so the market for blu-ray is limited and depends on people upgrading their tv’s in the first place.

Gee…I wonder who paid for the “study”? “NPD reports that 10.8 percent of survey respondents said they would purchase a Blu-ray player in the next six months.” 80% said they would not buy one and 9.2% said: What is a Blu-ray?

Well duh! Since HD DVD is no more, what do you think people will do when looking for a HD player? Buy the only option out in stores, duh. Of course they are going to get a sales increase. But I wouldn’t start jumping up and down Smurfray fanboys. A slight jump in sales doesnt mean Bluray will be dominating the market anytime soon. Last time I checked, out of total movie sales, Bluray and HD DVD accounted for a mere less than %10 of total movie sales compared to DVD. With a %90+ market share, DVD is going to be around A LONG TIME. I for one do not plan on re-buying my movies anytime soon or paying $30 for them, no thanks,

Yup, I’ll be buying the Panny BD-50 shortly after it comes out thanks to the US government and their hand outs that are coming in May. Gotta be able to watch those BD+ discs which I can’t do on my NMT.

Blu-ray is awesome. I blame Microsoft for prolonging a war that hd dvd could not win. Blu-ray was FULL HD from day 1.

Hahaha. Awesome? Thats funny… :r Full HD since day 1 huh? Tell that to the unlucky few with ‘day 1’ FluRay players that wont be able to play profile 2.0 discs on their players…

Ok for all the idiots out there, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RE-BUY YOUR MOVIES! all that would happen is you buy what new titles come out on blu. Thats is the advantage of optical discs, backward compatibility! You will be able to play cd/dvd till the world comes to an end. if you want the higher quality then well duh you will have to re-buy. Sell your dvds that you want on blu and quit bitching. this is nothing like VHS to DVD, that was hell but blu is nice. you can STILL play your dvds. :wink:

I’m perfectly happy with my HD-DVD player and movies, and my standard definition dvd’s played upconverted on my 1080p TV. No need for blu-ray for a while at least - certainly until the prices come down out of the stratosphere. :X