Millions of Errors is media the culprit


I burned a large file using my LIteon at 52x when I ran the cd quality test in Nero, I started seeing errors at 32x, millions of them). I’m assuming this can be caused by the media that it was recorded on.

I used generic 16x durabrand media and burned the file to cd using nero at a max speed of 50.3x

Likely the fault of the media, those discs are probably made by CMC and not very good. Burning at a lower speed may help too.

You burned 16x media at 52x speed? i’m surprised it even finished the burn and that it is readable at all! Please have a look at the 48x media tests.

well 50.3x

Quite surprisingly I managed to burn a Laser 48X @ 48X (made by Digital Storage Technologies inc.) that my Liteon LTR48125 (VS08) told me was only fit to burn @ 40X!.

The part that amazed me was that I had so few very few errors. Checked it with CD Doctor, nice looking graph.

All the same, you get what you pay for. Give me Taiyo Yuden any day…=D