Millions of damage because of piracy



I just posted the article Millions of damage because of piracy.

DrJ used our newssubmit to tell us about an article in a dutch newspaper. He has translated it (many thanks for that!!) to english so everyone in the world can read how good we Dutch are in burning…

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The headline should be: Millions of $$$ profit because of too high prices :r


no, i’ve got it… pirates lose millions from sale of liscenced copies! it makes about as much sense as saying the industry is losing money due to piracy :wink:


I’m very worried…:c


What bullshit. i pay tax on my SCSI card,my burner,and my blanks. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT LOSING OUT TO PIRACY! also,does anybody know the yearly profit-figures for PLEXTOR,YAMAHA and the CDR manufacturers??? I am sure we are PROTECTING a multi-million dollar business!


cool…we`re on the right way, they should be loosing much more money :slight_smile: :slight_smile: keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep on burning :slight_smile:


yes…and we even pay taxes 2 times:( if we get payed (for those that work:)) we pay taxes, and if we buy something, we pay taxes again:) one thing is fore sure, I will NEVER EVER PAY for a piece of soft or music fuck 'm all and hard:(


“Piracy” is only a result of overpricing and under-regulation. Profiteering is the crime. If software was sold at a reasonable price, there would be no piracy.


Yes they always like these kind of figures. “We lost xxx zillion $” :r In fact they don’t even lose a very little percent of that figure, cos many “illegal” copies are “obtained” :8 by people who had NEVER buyed the original product due to high prices or simple curiosity. They don’t lose money, for sure. I buy some games, but don’t let me make my backups and I’ll buy you a kick in the ass :wink: But those great numbers sound impressive, it makes noise, don’t you think? Cheers :7


Wisedom costs money! But should be appropriate, not expensively.