Millions could miss World Series as Cablevision, Fox continue standoff

Millions could miss World Series as Cablevision, Fox continue standoff.

[newsimage][/newsimage]At least 3 million households in the United States will be unable to watch the 2010 Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series championship games, as Fox and Cablevision are still unable to reach a distribution agreement.  

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People still watch baseball?

Extremely funny…

I watch so little on ANY Fox channel (zero on Fox News), it wouldn’t bother me if Fox were to eliminate themselves full time.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you can probably get a local Fox station with a pair of rabbit ears, and that won’t go away nohow. It’s just that everybody has so gotten used to cable or satellite they forget the obvious.

I realize that’s only true for regular broadcast television, but if you REALLY want to see the World Series, it works.

I have Uverse, Dish (not for much longer) and an external antenna. So I may be down to two possibilities shortly.

And, regards jshippy’s post, I’m only watching part time because the Giants are involved.

I watch Fox FREE, using an antenna. Here is a link to the FCC rules regarding outdoor antenna installations-in most cases, Federal Law trumps neighborhood or condo ‘covenents’ or restrictions, so don’t let anyone stop you from putting up an antenna!.

Damn you Fox!

If it means lowering my cable bill, I would gladly have them tell Fox to go screw themselves. And if I was such CEO of said company, I would pull all Fox programming, including Foxnews, FX, Fox Sports… These are the kinds of tactics that make our bills 100 dollars a month, and if the FCC won’t get involved in this, then fuck them too. The FCC is becoming as outdated and out of touch as the analog tv and radio they used to protect.

Millions no the world series would never get more than 5 or 10 percent of these homes and then it would only be for part of the game.

Its not just the WS folks. Its also NFL games. And there are several shows wife and I watch regularly:
Lie to Me

Millions could miss World Series as Cablevision, Fox continue standoff

Reminds me of that scene in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ where Nurse Ratched won’t let the loonies watch the World Series and R.P. McMurphy starts reciting the action from his head…

“]ts not just the WS folks. Its also NFL games.”

Not to mention NASCAR, and if they want to really play dirty, SPEED Channel, which Fox also owns, and all the regional sports outlets they own as well.

Them you can’t get off-the-air. It could get serious for sports fans.