MilkDrop 1.04 Winamp plug-in released



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If you have a decent 3D accelerator and are running Windows on a fairly fast computer, give your monitor a workout with this free visualization. Most of you know about this plug-in …

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This is really good looking!


Listening to your favourite music in fullscreen while stoned is an amazing experience. Even on my 9000 Pro. I’d love to see this on a 42" plasma!


Forget the plasma TV. I once had a lend of an LCD projector for a week, it does an excellent job for visualization (~72" picture) and since then, I would love to get hold of one of these. :d I seen plasma 40" TV’s in Pubs with graphic visualizations on them and didn’t think much of them.


im still using a 14" monitor :frowning: my visualizations dissapoint me :smiley:


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