i did a restore on my e-machine today, windows xp, and now the d drive is not recognized.


And just what was the “D” drive before???

it was my dvd / cd rom.

now it does not exist.

not in device manager - nowhere.

how do i get it back?



How did you do the restore… Did you install a restore cd/dvd and reload your system? Did you format and install your own copy of windows? did you perform the system restore function within WINDOWS/ACCESSORIES?

cannot fing the restore cd’s.

used windows acess.



Performing a Windows System Restore, should not have affected your dvd drive. When you look in Device Manager, under cd/dvd drives, does it show up there?

no it does not appear.

Can you reboot into BIOS Mode & see if it:
1.) shows up there under IDE Devices - Pri. or Sec. IDE Channel.
2.) does appear in Bios, is it switched on?

how do i do that?

When you first switch on your PC, you should see a message that says something like “Press [DEL] to enter setup” - the key you need to press varies with different machines.